Our clinical trials and research

Funding cancer trials and research is costly. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference.

Icon Cancer Foundation has identified vital clinical trials that could help even more people with cancer, but these trials need funding.

By supporting us, you’re backing our team of researchers who work tirelessly for people with cancer now and into the future.

Our clinical trials:

  • conduct research on the safety and effectiveness of new medications and treatment
  • confirm the use of new treatments compared to the current standard of care
  • study the effects on early detection, cancer prevention and quality of life.

Many other trials are also under development and will be available for patients in the future.

We aim to create Australia’s leading private cancer research program, improving access to clinical trials for as many people as possible, as close to home as possible.

Clinical trials supported by Icon Cancer FoundationClinical trials supported by Icon Cancer Foundation


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