Bring hope through cancer research

We need more clinical trials in Australia to find better ways to treat cancer and help more people with the disease now and in the future.

Funding is needed now so we can start more vital research.

Your support has the power to accelerate our clinical trials and research program, making a difference to patients now and a lasting impact for future generations.

Already, our research is making a difference, but we want to do so much more, and we need your help.

Our future

Imagine a future where cancer patients live longer, better lives. At Icon Cancer Foundation that’s what we aim for every day.

We aim to support more clinical trials than ever before.

We’re looking at the innovative use of treatments and technology (theranostics, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy) to find better ways to treat cancer. As we raise more funds, our list of clinical trials will expand.

Our goals are ambitious because cancer doesn’t wait.

We want to offer current patients more treatment options and advance how we treat cancer and chronic illnesses in the future.

Help us make a difference.

Your dollars in action

Every dollar donated to Icon Cancer Foundation makes a difference for people with cancer and chronic illness.
Your generous donation to Icon Cancer Foundation impacts the lives of cancer patients who take part in our clinical trials.


brings us closer to starting a new clinical trial


contributes to providing medical equipment for research


funds the design of a new research project and setting up new clinical trials


helps improve cancer treatment and leaves a legacy for future generations

A spotlight on our clinicians and researchers

Hear from the doctors and researchers we work with and learn what research means for them


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