Longer, better lives for cancer patients through research.

Icon Cancer Foundation funds innovative cancer research and clinical trials

Our research not only benefits patients now, but also helps advance future treatments, benefitting the broader community.

We also explore how cancer treatments can help manage other serious health conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, which can impact on a person’s daily life.

We offer hope to those living with cancer and chronic illnesses now and in the future.

What makes us different?

Our research is shaped by the real experiences and knowledge of doctors and healthcare professionals in Icon Group’s global network. In Australia, they treat and care for hundreds of patients daily across more then 35 cancer centres.

Using this first-hand knowledge, our clinical teams develop cutting-edge research and clinical trials based on patients’ needs.

They focus on finding better and innovative treatments, understanding diseases more deeply and improving how we detect and diagnose medical conditions.

Our research is independent, and patient centred. Led by a dedicated group of doctors and healthcare professionals at Icon Cancer Centre, we are investigating treatments that might otherwise not be explored.

Importantly, we take steps to make sure our trials are conducted ethically and meet the highest quality standards.

Who we are

Icon Cancer Foundation is made up of passionate people who are dedicated to changing the lives of cancer patients and their families through improving access to cancer clinical trials and research.

Our mission

To promote, initiate and fund innovative research to give cancer patients and communities a better, brighter, and healthy future.



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