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What we do

Icon Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation. We are committed to improving patient access to treatments by raising awareness about and sponsoring Investigator Initiated Trials.

Community fundraising is crucial to helping us provide patient programs and doctor, allied health or nurse initiated trials that support best patient care. We aim to give cancer patients and communities a better, brighter, and healthy future.

Funds raised are used to support investigator initiated trials and patients on these trials. Support for development of these trials includes:

  • Trial concept development
  • Protocol development
  • Trial start up
  • Patient recruitment
  • Data collection
  • Trial management and publication

There are a several important steps involved in creating and executing trials which are in place to ensure studies can be conducted and are safe for participating patients.

By supporting these unique trials, you are helping to contribute to advances in treatment and change the lives of cancer patients today and into the future.

What is an Investigator Initiated Trial? 

Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs) are clinical studies led by an independent researcher or non-commercial sponsor. For trials sponsored by ICF, the investigator is usually a clinician, such as a doctor or allied health professional. Their role involves developing the aim of the trial, protocol and conducting the trial according to all applicable ethical and regulatory guidelines.

Why are IITs important?

IITs, like all clinical trials, are crucial in advancing medicine. They contribute to the discovery of innovative treatments, improved understanding of diseases, and the development of better ways to detect and diagnose medical conditions. Since these trials are not sponsored by large pharmaceutical companies. They can be costly and rely on ongoing resources to support the research teams and patients. Generous fundraising and community support are vital to enable researchers to conduct these important trials which offer hope and opportunities for thousands of cancer patients.

Who we are

Icon Cancer Foundation is made up of passionate people who are dedicated to changing the lives of cancer patients and their families through improving access to cancer clinical trials and research.

Our mission

To promote, initiate and fund innovative research to give cancer patients and communities a better, brighter, and healthy future.


Patient support

Our fundraising aims to improve patient outcomes by providing support for patients on clinical trials who may have otherwise not been able to participate.

Our patient support includes transport and accommodation assistance along with access to clinical research coordinators and allied health services such as physiotherapists, dietitians and psychologists. This helps ensure patients achieve the best possible outcome as a result of participating in their trial.

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