The Nolan Family


Trucking on for Cancer Care

Based in Gatton, Queensland and established in the 1900s, Nolan’s Interstate Transport has over 100 years of experience and is a proud family business, so it was a devastating loss when Terry Nolan passed away in 2014 after a seven year battle with renal cancer.

Terry’s sons Adrian ‘Flea’ and Darren Nolan are now running the family business. Fifth generation Nolan’s, they are down to earth, sincere and proudly
following in their father’s footsteps.

Flea, who got his nickname from his father, as he commented he was the size of a flea on first seeing how tiny he was as a baby, describes his dad as a
hard worker, a visionary and a fair person. “He was a no holds barred kind of guy. When he said something, he meant it,” said Flea.

Although Terry always had the business on his mind that didn’t stop him from being a doting father, grandfather and husband. “It was always a bit of
both personal and work with Dad. It has always been a part of our lives. He was an incredibly loving father to all of us and a generous grandad to his
grandkids,” said Darren.

“He lived and breathed transport so it was naturally a part of the conversation. He was a larger than life character and a truly kind man,” said Flea.
There is no doubting Terry was a fighter through and through and being diagnosed with cancer wasn’t going to stop him from doing what he loved. “The
last 18 months was the hardest for all of us, but he always turned up to work, maybe just having a little sneaky nap behind the desk,” said Darren.

Both parents themselves, Flea and Darren have taken inspiration from their own father. “Dad taught me about trust, ethics and treating people with  respect and that’s what I want to teach my own children,” said Flea.

Terry was a research patient on a clinical trial during the last four months. “Dad was a fighter. He wanted to be a part of the trial. If anyone told him there might be a cure, he would be the first one there,” said Darren.

Terry was a generous supporter of Icon Cancer Foundation and he and wife Daphne asked guests at the funeral to donate money to the Foundation in lieu of gifts or flowers. “Dad supported the Foundation very much and I am also involved with my treatment at Icon Cancer Care, so as a family we really wanted to give back to an organisation that had helped us and others,” said Darren.

Since Terry’s passing, Nolan’s Transport has continued to support the Foundation. The latest project has been creating an Icon Cancer Foundation trailer to join the Nolan fleet. The trailer was in combination with Pancare Australia, another charity close to the Nolan’s. “The trailer was about awareness for the Foundation and cancer research. We’ve had a lot of people say how great it looks on the road … It touches people as it goes past. There isn’t someone who doesn’t know someone with cancer,” said Darren.

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