John’s story

Icon Writers / 21 Feb, 2022

John shares his experience in the Phase II PINPOINT clinical trial

“You feel like you’re contributing to an advancement in the treatment for prostate cancer, while being able to receive treatment available nowhere else. Research is critical for people with cancer.”

When John Healy received a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2016 after losing his wife six months earlier to breast cancer, he didn’t know how he would cope with treatment while raising his 14-year-old son alone.

Following a difficult recovery from a radical prostatectomy procedure with ongoing side effects, John felt like he was “back to square one” when he learned that his prostate cancer had returned. When facing treatment for a second time, the impact of these side effects remained front-of-mind.

He was grateful to have the opportunity to receive non-invasive radiation therapy treatment through the Phase II PINPOINT study, which was delivered at Icon Cancer Centre in Victoria with support from Icon Cancer Foundation.

The PINPOINT trial used the latest cancer imaging technology (68Ga-PSMA-PET) alongside small implanted transponders to track the prostate bed in real-time during radiation therapy treatment and reduce the risk of long-term side effects. It was the first study of its kind to find that patients can choose an upfront treatment which can lead to control of their cancer while preserving their quality of life for at least three years after their treatment and avoiding the side effects of conventional treatment.

“I’m so thankful that I was able to receive this targeted, non-invasive treatment through a trial. The thought of dealing with the difficult side effects of other aggressive treatment options while already dealing with issues from my surgery, to me there was no other alternative to consider.”

“This treatment has helped me get my life back. I have enormous gratitude that I can say, five years later, that my cancer is in remission.”

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