Geoff Pankhurst

Geoff & Lorraine Pankhurst (2)A Shrinking Tumour Brings Growing Hope

When Geoff Pankhurst first noticed a tumour growing on the side of his neck, he knew his worst case scenario was coming true.

“It had been three years since I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,” Geoff said.

“We knew there was the possibility of it reoccurring, but never did we think it would be so soon and so aggressive.”

With the tumour extending into his chest and pressing on his windpipe, it was clear that Geoff required immediate treatment. Icon Cancer Care Haemato-Oncologist Dr James Morton told Toowoomba locals Geoff and his wife Lorraine about a clinical trial available through Icon Cancer Foundation.

“Dr Morton told us we would have to travel to Brisbane to be a part of this clinical trial,” Lorraine said.

“He said if Geoff was eligible, it would be the best chance at beating the cancer this time around.”

Geoff’s eligibility was confirmed and treatment began on a world-first combination of two new cancer drugs that otherwise would not have been available in Australia.

“From the very first cycle of treatment you could almost watch the tumour shrink,” Geoff said.

“It was the first time since the cancer had come back that I felt relief and hope for the future.”

Trial Coordinator Amy Sobbe says this clinical trial has been a turning point in Geoff’s treatment and will hopefully be made available to give more patients in Australia the same opportunity.

“It has been fantastic to see Geoff do so well on this trial,” she said.

“I know Geoff, Lorraine and I share the same wish that other patients get the opportunity to have more time with their families and hope for the future.”

Geoff is now up to his twentieth cycle of treatment, being cared for by three of the Foundation’s Clinical Trial Coordinators.

“We have such confidence in the care I am receiving, Jason, Amy and Avalon could not have been more supportive or encouraging,”

“From the Coordinators to Dr Morton and even the tea lady, I feel like more than just another ‘case’ of cancer – I cannot help feeling uplifted with the anticipation of nothing less than a positive outcome.”