What we do

What we do

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on a combination of funding sources, including donations, to run a wide range of clinical trials and provide support to our patients. Our work includes:

Cancer research

Icon Cancer Foundation conducts trials across both haematology (blood and bone marrow) and oncology (cancer) settings, including both medical oncology and radiation oncology. Through clinical trials we aim to provide more Australians with access to new approved treatments. A portion of our trials are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry while others are driven by Icon Cancer Foundation doctors and nurses. We also participate in collaborative group studies and cancer registries from groups and universities such as TROG, ALLG, ANZBCTG, ANZGOG, ALTG, ANZUP and COGNO.

Patient support

Our fundraising aims to improve patient outcomes by providing support for patients on clinical trials otherwise not available through the sponsors of the trials. This includes supporting patients to participate in trials that they may not have otherwise been able to.