Brad Apps

Friends of the Foundation

When Brad Apps was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he knew his cancer journey could go one of two ways.

“My sister passed away in 1996 after a battle with Leukaemia,” he said.

“So when I was told I had cancer, I knew what the worst case scenario was and straight away started hoping for the best.”

Two years on, this family are pleased to say Brad’s fight against cancer has seen them come out as one of the “lucky ones”.

“From the day he went to his GP and was sent for blood tests, to the day of his surgery it was such a whirlwind,” Brad’s wife Joanna said.

“It was only that Brad insisted on still competing in the Kokoda Challenge he had signed up for, otherwise he would have been diagnosed and had surgery within a week.”

Brad applied the same determination to tackling cancer as he did to the Kokoda Challenge, a gruelling obstacle course, and was fortunate to need no further treatment after surgery.

“I definitely consider myself a lucky one,” Brad said.

“So when I came out the other side I knew I wanted to be able to help others going through a cancer diagnosis. I made a donation to help other patients and families like mine.”

Brad and his family became Friends of the Foundation in March 2015, making a generous gift to create the Apps Family Fund.

Dedicated to supporting patients throughout cancer treatment, the fund allows patients to access costly MRIs in preference to a CT or xray, which carry a risk of radiation.

“I decided to opt for an MRI each time I needed a scan because I was in a position to absorb the out of pocket costs,” Brad said.

“But I know that isn’t an option for everyone. I want it to be.”

Brad and his family will continue to support the Foundation in the future, creating a partnership to provide research, compassion and support.