Clinical trials for researchers and sponsors

For Researchers and Clinicians

Icon Cancer Foundation’s clinical trials program is led by a number of credentialed clinicians from haematology and oncology specialties across four Icon Cancer Care day hospitals. Icon Cancer Foundation works in partnership with various pharmaceutical sponsors and Icon Cancer Care doctors to fund access to clinical trials for public patients. We are committed to ensuring the latest treatment options are open to all patients regardless of their health insurance status.

We work with various clinicians on investigator driven studies and welcome applications from external researchers and clinicians.

To submit a trial application or feasibility, or for more information about the clinical trials program please contact us.

For Pharmaceutical Sponsors

Icon Cancer Foundation aims to provide our research partners with first class conduct, management and coordination of multi-centre national and international clinical research trials. We work in conjunction with Icon Cancer Care, Australia’s largest private provider of day hospital cancer care.

To approach us regarding completion of a feasibility questionnaire, or for more information about the clinical trials program, please contact us.