Clinical Trials

Clinical trials

Clinical trials contribute to advances in medical research, and are conducted to investigate and evaluate new treatments and techniques for both safety and effectiveness. This can include newly developed drugs, vaccines, different combinations of treatment and new radiation therapy techniques.

None of the modern medical advances we see today would be possible without the participation of patients and volunteers in clinical trials.

By participating in a clinical trial patients can:

  • Potentially have access to new and emerging treatments that may improve their condition and quality of life
  • Have comprehensive medical care and support by a multidisciplinary team of specialists including nurses, clinical trial coordinators and data managers
  • Help others with similar conditions in the future

Phases of clinical trials

New drug treatments are typically tested and developed throughout four clinical trial phases.

Icon Cancer Foundation primarily specialises in Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. If you would like more information on participating in a clinical trial, please speak with your doctor.