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Andrew shares his experience with focal brachytherapy and the LIBERATE clinical registry

“Research is fundamental in the treatment of cancer. Joining the LIBERATE registry and contributing to evidence of focal brachytherapy for the benefit of future patients has been a very good thing.”

For 64-year-old Andrew Dalton, an early diagnosis of local prostate cancer in 2019 came with an unexpected treatment option – the chance to receive advanced focal brachytherapy through the LIBERATE clinical registry.

Focal brachytherapy offers a new approach to prostate cancer treatment, helping men avoid treatment-related side effects while small radioactive seeds continue to destroy their cancer for up to three months after a minimally-invasive day surgery.

The LIBERATE clinical registry, which is supported by Icon Cancer Foundation and delivered by Icon Cancer Centre and Epworth Healthcare, aims to support the use of new precision focal brachytherapy for men with prostate cancer and reduce side effects compared to other treatment options.

Andrew says he had “everything to gain and nothing to lose” by taking part in the Australian-first study.

“Even if I was 90, I still wouldn’t want to be incontinent or face such difficult side effects. This can have a huge impact on your confidence as well. The whole focal brachytherapy treatment has been easy. If you erased my memory, I wouldn’t know I had the procedure. Life hasn’t changed for me.”

Through his participation in the study, Andrew is proud to help further the treatment options for future prostate cancer patients and support them to avoid difficult side effects.

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