Meg Welchman

Meg Welchman

Meg Welchman

Icon Cancer Foundation is grateful that Meg Welchman accepted their invitation to become an ambassador.

Meg is a psychologist, author, mother and, is living with cancer. Meg has received access to new drugs and treatment through Icon that she might not have received elsewhere.

“I am happy to do anything that supports evidence-based research. Icon Cancer Foundation have been at the forefront of cancer care drugs. The fact is I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t accessing the type of medical treatment that I received through Icon Cancer Care. They saved my life three times. So I am more than happy to work with Icon Cancer Foundation to promote their work.”

Meg is a psychologist with a background in relationship counselling and positive psychology living in Brisbane. At 37, Meg was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer just months after the birth of her second child.

Meg’s children Ivy and Reuben are now in Years 1 and 3 at school but she never imagined she’d live to see them in their uniforms. Both Meg’s children are what gets her through her cancer treatment. Meg has assumed a position of positivity as a mother with cancer, and says her kids make her days shine brighter.

“Knowing the grief cycle and having helped people through grief and shock has helped me. But there is a difference between knowing and experiencing. Being diagnosed was like a lightning strike. You just have to live through the normal things, one at a time, minute by minute. I make a cup of tea and go from there.”

One of the most long-lasting and impactful strategies she used has helped other patients as well. Meg wrote and self-published This Present Moment: an art therapy journal, which is based on fifteen themes of life including resilience, kindness and joy. The most important themes to her personally were creativity and connection.

Meg’s book, This Present Moment: an art therapy journal can be purchased through clicking on the cover or here. A percentage of sales will be donated to cancer support services.

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