Daniel George

Daniel is a former pro-basketballer, cancer survivor turned financial advisor, and now proud Icon Cancer Foundation Brand Ambassador.

In April 2012 Daniel was diagnosed with Stage 2 testicular cancer. He was 29 at the time with two young daughters and a loving wife. Daniel had surgery to remove the tumour followed by 28 chemotherapy sessions across 13 weeks at Icon Cancer Care South Brisbane. The initial shock of having cancer and the overwhelming thought that it could be life threatening did not last long as Daniel’s fighting spirit kicked in. “Once the team at Icon educated me on the fact that testicular cancer is actually quite treatable, my emotion quickly transitioned into one of fight and I remained focused and mentally strong during my treatment.”

Post treatment he and a group of friends discovered there weren’t many not-for-profit organisations providing counselling services and the Still I Rise Foundation was born. Still I Rise believes that patients need more than medicine, they need emotional support and someone to listen to their fears and concerns. So as an extension of his work with his own Foundation, Daniel is delighted to be the newest ambassador for Icon Cancer Foundation, and he’s hoping to bring credibility to the cause and actively support people to make a difference.

“To me, Icon Cancer Foundation’s research and clinical trials are tangible, you can see the benefit of the work being done. I once say in the waiting room at Icon Cancer Care and saw a man literally walk out of a doctor’s room fist pumping the air because his clinical trial, which was his absolute hope, was working. The more we can do in this space, the better.”

He is looking forward to working with the Foundation to increase awareness of clinical trials and help deliver more emotional and physical support to patients and their loved ones particularly during and after treatment.

“I think there is still a stigma around how we support our people through their battle and what we do when they are feeling helpless. I want to talk to other cancer patients, identify gaps they feel exist and work with the Foundation to ensure anybody living with this disease is supported as well as they possibly can be during a very difficult time”

“We have so many beautiful people in the world, and I believe that much can be achieved if we can generate measurable and tangible outcomes. My cancer experience has given me a unique perspective and the realisation that life is fragile, so I certainly have an urgency not to waste my time on this earth.”


Daniel is currently enjoying a balanced work and family life, running his own business for the past three years whilst continuing to spend quality time with his family. He lives every day with a positive outlook and a determination to do good.

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